Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Day in Spain

Saturday, September 27: First day in Madrid! At the airport, I (was very fortunate to have) met up with two other Stanford students, and the three of us squeezed into a taxi to Hotel Francisco I. All the students in the Stanford Overseas Studies Program stayed there a single night before beginning a four-day orientation trip with Santy (the Stanford Overseas Studies Program Director) and Professor Cidro Yerba. I arrived in the early afternoon and had some time to explore a little before our first OSP meeting and dinner. Here are some pictures I took from my room at Hotel Francisco I, which is located in the most central and touristy area of Madrid on Calle de Arenal.

A Catholic church next door to the Hotel Francisco I.

Busy Calle de Arenal in the evening.

Hotel Francisco I, named after France's first Renaissance monarch and major patron to the arts.

Now you don't see this everyday (unless you live in Spain, of course).
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