Monday, September 29, 2008


Our first stop on our four-day orientation trip was Burgos, a quaint city 3 hours north of Madrid. We visited the amazing Catedral de Burgos and had lunch before driving 3 more hours north to Comillas.

Gateway to the Burgos and the Plaza

Catedral de Burgos

Open your eyes, Mary!

How interesting is this? If aristocrats or nobles had enough money, they could pay to be buried in the cathedral. Here are a couple lucky folks.

A small door with a strange face.

So much detail... I really like this little cherub!

A courtyard within the cathedral.

A fountain and some houses in Burgos.


New friends: Russell, Daniel, Jordi, Brian & Thais

Note the empty wine glasses and the fancy mineral water (the only water Spanish restaurants serve).

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