Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wine Tasting in Peñafiel

After Comillas, we headed to Peñafiel where we visited a castle that housed a museum of wine.

Spectacular view of Peñafiel from on high!

The city...

Wine tasting in the Museo del Vino! I really love the way they set up different wines... The various colors juxtaposed fueron tan bonisima!

I really, really like wine.

The quaint little restaurant where we enjoyed lunch.

Visiting a winery!

There were hundred and hundreds of barrels of wine.

All the wine is housed in the "wine dormitory" in large cages, one of which hold a thousand bottles of wine.

Japanese tea garden in Spain? Yeah, I'm not sure either. Our guide told us that since Spain gets many tourists from Japan, they want to make them feel right at home. LOL.

At this point, I think my teeth were starting to turn brown from all the wine. Plus, I had not slept properly in like 3 days. Don't judge.

The wine vineyard.

Beautiful Spanish countryside.

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Lizzy G said...

And your teeth are turning brown from the delicious café, no? jeje :P