Monday, October 20, 2008


October 17-19: Weekend Trip to Granada in Andalucia

Moracoan Streets of Granada

A park at the top of the city...

We can see the Alhambra!

The most amazing Lebanese restaurant in the world. We went back a second time for the delicious humus and lamb! Mmm!!

Statue of Christopher Columbus at the end of Gran Via. They really love Columbus in Spain, and I'm not sure why...

Moracan Tea House

I had Egyptian tea! My friend Thais had te de mil noches y una (a thousand and one nights). We're not tourits. For reals, yo.

Cathedral of Granada

The Annunciation

Plaza in front of the Cathedral

Not quite sure what this is... Just very pretty!

Fountain in the Plaza

Finally, la Alhambra!

Beautiful fountains in the gardens!


This was pretty awesome: stairs with flowing water banisters.

A beautiful little fountain in a garden...

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Stanley said...

First picture, guy in the pink shirt, looks like a "shady" character! Little does he know he was spotted on the other side of the world by the father of the photographer!